Common Childhood Fears

There are many common childhood fears that may affect your child as they grow up. It is important to understand that the fears that children have are not often clear to us as adults. However, these fears are considered to be very evident and real in the life of your child. As an adult, it is important that you gain an effective understanding of the fears that may affect your child and that you work to not only support them and the complications that they face as a result of their fears, but that you also work to assist them in developing personal empowerment so that they may successfully overcome their fears.

There are several fears that may be experienced. The most common fears may include loud noises, bright lights, the dark, fears of certain animals, fears of people, and even fears associated with places. There are many different reasons why these fears may be developed. The focus should not be why or how they developed the fears, it is to support your child and respect them. By doing so, you will be assisting your child to successfully overcome the complications that they face.

This video will teach productive steps to help assist your child in overcoming some of the common childhood fears.