First Month of Pregnancy

Many changes occur during the first month of pregnancy. Most doctors agree that when you get a positive test result on your pregnancy test that you have been pregnant for a minimum of four weeks. It is during this time that the body starts to properly prepare itself for the child that is being developed in the womb.

Amazingly, at the end of the first month of pregnancy, the baby is only as large as that of a poppy seed. By this time, the sex of the child has also been determined and numerous special cells that will eventually become special components of the child’s body such as organs and bones. Watch the following video to learn more about pregnancy month one:

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  1. Khaja says:

    Daissy – I’m happy to hear you are doing fine. Since I’m taking your onlnie class it feels that I don’t see you anymore. Best wishes in the preparations. You know you can count on us if you need something.Take Care and say hola to Hope!